Great Toys to Include In a Gift Basket for a Baby

One good advice before buying the actual gifts is that don’t buy the basket before the gifts. You don’t want to know that your basket is small when you have gathered all the gifts. So now moving on to what you should include in your gift basket for a baby.


baby Toys

For a baby, buy toys that are safe to play with. Remember the child always takes everything in mouth, so a toy should not be small. Musical toys are best as they are very fun for the baby to play with.

Baby mobiles are also a good addition to your gift basket but make sure someone else is not purchasing the same gift.


baby Books

Books for infants should be made of cloth or are waterproof so they can be easily cleaned. Young babies will love a book with lots of pictures and when they get a little older and learn to understand words, they will enjoy hearing stories. Add different types of books from colouring to story books in the gift basket to keep the child busy in books for years.


baby Teething Toys

When the baby is growing teeth he will chew on everything to ease the pain. You can put teethers in the gift basket to ease up the pain of the child and trouble for parents.

Educational Toys

baby Educational Toys

As the baby grows a little older, he will be interested in toys and it would be the best time to have some educational toys around. You can add such toys in the gift basket like building blocks, learning sets etc so the child can learn while he plays.


baby Walkers

The new born will learn to walk in future, so it is best to buy him a walker which will help him learn to walk. It can also become another place for the baby to play after crib or playpen. Some walkers are designed with toys attached which the child loves to play with.

Bottle of Bubbles

baby Bottle of Bubbles

Baby will love it if you will add a bottle of bubbles in the gift basket. They are not harmful for the baby and babies love to watch them float around.

Apart from these, there are many other good things out there designed for babies that you can add in the gift basket.

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