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Best Gift Ideas for your Gym Partner

If you have an active lifestyle, then you must appreciate all the fitness seekers you see every day trying their best to reach their fitness goals. Here are some magnificent gift ideas that will light up their day and motivate them.


All-Weather Vest

A gift that is designed for outdoor lovers. It is intended to provide resistance against wind and wet from outside and material inside keeps you warm.

Barefoot Shoes for Running

People really enjoy running with this natural feel barefoot shoes. The design will make you feel you are running with nothing on your feet.

Shoes for Weightlifting

If they love doing weightlifting, you must send them a pair of weightlifting shoes to help them. Wearing weightlifting shoes will help them prevent injury and improve their performance.

Beauty Organizer for Gym

An excellent organizer with lots of pockets to carry all kind of stuff is the best choice. Make sure it can hold onto everything they need to carry like shampoo, moisturizer, etc.

Bike Tools Kit

If they are into cycling, then they must have this survival kit that includes a mini pump, seat bag, tire lever and bottle holder.

Cycling Hoodie

This hoodie made with comfy merino wool is so soft that once worn they will not want to remove it. Made to keep the person warm while they’re paddling outside in the cool breeze.

Dance Games

In a tough workout routine, a little dance won’t matter. A dance game will make it fun to workout in a fun way.

Deep-Tissue Massage

A little relaxation is necessary after a hard workout. A good gift especially for long-distance runners.

Fabric Recycled Sneakers

These eco-friendly sneakers are very light to wear and are made almost of completely recycled PET bottles. Environmental friendly sneakers are good for your friend and the globe.

Fitness Tracker

One recommendation is FitBit Ultra. It has everything a person needs to keep track of his fitness routine like step counter, sleep cycle, calories tracker. If they don’t have it, it is a must gift for them. Check out the best fitness tracker here.

Fitness-Anywhere Kit

This kit contains resistance bands, DVDs for workouts and stability ball to get in shape wherever one wants. Not even need a personal trainer, DVDs will cover all.

Gift Pack

Admit it; we are crazy for that spinning soul cycle that looks to be made with every detail in mind. You can buy anything that can make the person motivate for the exercises.


Headphones are a must when you want to enjoy good music while working out. Specially designed headphones that don’t disturb the workouts are the perfect gift for active music lovers.

Healthy Snacks Delivery

Buy the subscription for them of healthy snack box. Lollipop will take after that and make sure they get good nutritionist filled snacks every month on their doorsteps. There are also snacks for vegans too.

Heart-Rate Monitor

Another great gadget to have is heart-rate Monitor which helps to calculate the progress as a person advances with his fitness routine. The monitor will calculate the number of calories you burn daily. A simple must have gadget, give them if they don’t have it.

Hiking Backpack

If the person is an explorer then what better gift you can give than a hiking backpack. A shorter and compact backpack will be easy to carry.

Infused Water Jug

If they like to workout at home, this will be a great addition to their home gym. Water is a must after a workout, and with this, fruits can also be added.

Mat Sling

Yoga loving people must have this, and you should gift them. They will like this gift.

Non-Plastic Drinking Bottle

Water is necessary when we talk about exercise. Rather than a plastic bottle which is not eco-friendly, a BPA-free bottle will carry the same job of taking water but with more responsibility.


Running Skirt

Why not look good while working on the treadmill. This skirt is designed for runner girls that want to wear something comfortable, and it’s designed with breathable fabric and cute patterns.

Ski/Snowboard Jacket

Looks matter when a person feels good about his workouts. In these, they will get the looks they want.

Toe Socks for Running

If that person is a good runner, you have to give him a pair of these. Excellent for running.

Touch-Screen-Friendly Gloves

When working out at a gym, gloves provide a good grip, but at the same time if your music needs to be changed on the touch screen it is a problem. Taking off gloves to change music is time-consuming and tiresome. These gloves take care of the problem. They contain unique tips on forefingers and thumbs that make it easy to navigate a touch screen.

Travelling Yoga Mat

Lightweight made with light material and easy to take anywhere. A traveling yoga mat is a perfect gift for a friend that do yoga daily.

Workout DVD

Everyone needs to learn new things now and then when working out, but are they doing the exercises right? A workout DVD set will ensure that they learn the proper stuff.

Workout Tank

Workout tank does not only make one look good and ready for workout, but it also makes it easy to move the body while performing intense exercises.

Yoga Leggings for winter

When a person needs is warm clothes in winter, these leggings will keep them cozy and interested in their workouts.