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What You Can Give At Baby Shower


If you are going to a baby shower then the best choice would be to go with a gift basket. The welcoming mother will love the present no matter if she is celebrating for her first or third child. You can give a small basket with few things inside or a big one with luxury items. When you give a gift basket, there are plenty of things you can choose to put in the basket.

Bath Items

You can put a collection of bath related items in the basket. Most parents have already bought only basic toiletries and soap, but you can add a number of luxury items in the basket to make the receiver feel special like lotion and shampoo. Also, you can add a set of bath towels or a squeaky toy.

Gift for Future

Babies grow very quickly. What they can use today will become useless for them tomorrow. So, you should not only focus on the current size and interest of the baby, you can purchase anything that he or she can use in the future. Add a learning dinner set to the basket which will teach the child how to eat.

Clothes and Soft Toys

Clothes are always good choice for a gift. Give the child a set of clothes which can also include blankets and pajamas, just make sure they are comfortable for the child. Also, soft toys are a good choice. Young children will love them when they grow a little. Or you can add them both in the gift basket.


When the newborn will grow a little older, his best buddies will be toys. So gifting a basket with only toys is a good choice as well. Add all kinds of toys suitable for the children. You can also add toys that the child will love in future like a teddy bear or chewing toys. Educational toys are a good choice too.

Don’t Forget the Mother

While it is must that you put something for the baby in the basket, don’t forget about the mother. You can put something for her as well. Buy her something for her skin or some snacks to enjoy. Also according with the theme of your basket, you can add something for the mother as well, like a pillow for a bedtime themed gift basket. Here are some excellent baby shower gifts for mom you must check out to show your appreciation:

There are countless ideas for a gift basket. Just put some love in it and it will be the best gift. You can make your own basket with all the gifts or you can purchase a premade from a gift store.

Great Toys to Include In a Gift Basket for a Baby

One good advice before buying the actual gifts is that don’t buy the basket before the gifts. You don’t want to know that your basket is small when you have gathered all the gifts. So now moving on to what you should include in your gift basket for a baby.


baby Toys

For a baby, buy toys that are safe to play with. Remember the child always takes everything in mouth, so a toy should not be small. Musical toys are best as they are very fun for the baby to play with.

Baby mobiles are also a good addition to your gift basket but make sure someone else is not purchasing the same gift.


baby Books

Books for infants should be made of cloth or are waterproof so they can be easily cleaned. Young babies will love a book with lots of pictures and when they get a little older and learn to understand words, they will enjoy hearing stories. Add different types of books from colouring to story books in the gift basket to keep the child busy in books for years.


baby Teething Toys

When the baby is growing teeth he will chew on everything to ease the pain. You can put teethers in the gift basket to ease up the pain of the child and trouble for parents.

Educational Toys

baby Educational Toys

As the baby grows a little older, he will be interested in toys and it would be the best time to have some educational toys around. You can add such toys in the gift basket like building blocks, learning sets etc so the child can learn while he plays.


baby Walkers

The new born will learn to walk in future, so it is best to buy him a walker which will help him learn to walk. It can also become another place for the baby to play after crib or playpen. Some walkers are designed with toys attached which the child loves to play with.

Bottle of Bubbles

baby Bottle of Bubbles

Baby will love it if you will add a bottle of bubbles in the gift basket. They are not harmful for the baby and babies love to watch them float around.

Apart from these, there are many other good things out there designed for babies that you can add in the gift basket.

Unique Baby Gifts for Girls


Gift giving is one of the most important parts of any celebration, whether it’s Christmas or birthdays. Buying gifts for adults is hard, but shopping for a baby girl is challenging. This is because there are many different types of gifts available. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative on the kind of gifts you can buy for a baby girl. Below is a list of some of the unique baby gifts for girls that you can buy.

Personalized gifts

Custom made gifts are personal and they portray affection and love to the child. There are many baby products that you can personalize. If the baby is below 6 months then you can give a custom made pacifier. You can also decide to make a personalized blanket for the baby.

Baby activity gyms

As the baby grows, exercise becomes a vital activity and the gym will keep them active. The products are suitable for children 2 months+. There are many designs that you can choose from. It is however recommended that you choose pink or purple colored gyms to suit the baby girl.

Baby snug

This is the perfect gift for babies who are 3 months+. It is very ideal especially during the weaning period. The baby sung includes toys that will keep the baby entertained. They are adjustable and they will be able to fit the growing baby. They have a sponge like seat that will keep the baby comfortable. It is very easy to clean too.

Bouncer soother

They are ideal for babies between 0 months to 6 months. The soother keeps the baby comfortable when she is sleeping. The products also have toys that will keep the baby entertained. Some of the motion soothers have music that can relax the baby.


Baby walker

Baby walker is an ideal gift for babies who are above 6 months. The walker will teach the baby how to walk without assistance. It is important to choose the walker in perfect size so that the baby can comfortably use the walker.

Bath toys

Most babies enjoy the bath time and it will be ideal to provide them with toys to keep them busy. The toys are available in different sizes and shapes. You are advised not to buy the toys in small sizes as the baby can easily choke on them.

Baby swing

The baby swings are suitable for babies from 0 months to 6 months. It is ideal for soothing the baby to sleep. There are many different designs that you can choose from. Most of the swings come with an Mp3 option that will keep the baby entertained.


Baby car seats

These are the most important gifts one can give the new parents. The car seats keep the baby comfortable when travelling. They are available in different sizes and designs. The sizes are usually specific to the baby’s age, so ensure you choose the perfect size.

What to Get For a Baby for Christmas?

Baby for Christmas

It is a great pleasure to purchase a gift for Christmas and if the gift is for a baby celebrating his first Christmas, the pleasure turns into real joy.

Holidays are fun for everyone but with an addition of a baby on these special days, it increases their value. The most important thing for a parent at that time is the baby’s first Christmas. It will be a time remembered by the parents and grandparents forever.

Infants grow with a fast pace, not only physically but mentally as well, even difference between a two months old and a twelve months old is fascinating. One can open its gifts with little to no help while other cannot. One can play with building blocks other cannot.

The point is that the first Christmas is important for the baby and mostly for the parents who want to buy the perfect gift for the baby. To help them on their search, here are some good gifts for the little ones.


baby Books

Books are educational and fun for your child. Experts believe that they play an important role for the development of your child. If your child is old enough to understand the stories, it will be a very fun time for him. But even if he is too young, he will love your voice once you read to him. Purchase a book that contains lots of pictures so your baby can learn and recognize patterns. Though, make sure you purchase a book made of cloth that is washable, if you are going to let the baby use it on its own.


baby Clothing

Clothes are always the best thing you can buy for anyone. For your baby, buy something good for this Christmas. Your child will be growing fast so you can also buy clothes for him that can fit him in future.

Car Seat Toys

baby Car Seat Toys

Buy a toy which your child can play with when you are taking him on road.

Personalized Ornament


It’s Christmas so a baby focused ornament will be good to hang on the Christmas tree. The parents will get a feel of joy to see the ornament engraved with baby’s name and the year. It will serve a great memory and can be recorded in pictures forever.

Teething Toys

baby Teething Toys

Teethers are a necessary toy when your child is growing teeth. To help them you can go a little further than normal teethers and purchase a toy for it this Christmas. Teethers are good but along with it, you can buy a teething toy. These soft and secure toys come in shape of different animals and characters which your baby will love. Teething toy will be good for your child as he can play with it and chew it.

14 Educational Toys for Babies

Babies love to play with toys and it is only better if you buy them something which is educational as well. Here are 14 educational toys for babies.

My First Color Puzzle

My First Color Puzzle

A perfect toy by Infantino to teach the child how mixing of colors works.

Glueckskaefer’s Birds Stacking Tower

Glueckskaefer Birds Stacking Tower

Glueckskaefer’s Birds Stacking Tower is for the child who will learn to play with birds before trying out the Angry Birds.

Lamaze’s Totem Stackers

Lamaze Totem Stackers

Lamaze’s Totem Stackers are greatly designed with magnet hold so baby doesn’t learn the wrong way to stack them. Beautifully designed shapes attract the baby’s attention.

Brilliant Basics Stack and Nest Pots and Pans

Brilliant Basics Stack and Nest Pots and Pans

Brilliant Basics Stack and Nest Pots and Pans, great for the baby who will love to cook imaginary food.

Boikido’s Musical Blocks

Boikido Musical Blocks

One good education toy is Boikido’s Musical Blocks which is both educational and fun for the child with bells, beads and rattles.

Leka baby gym

Leka baby gym

Leka baby gym, great for the baby’s eye-hand coordination. It is available for cheap in the market.

P’kolino’s three-piece robot puzzle

P'kolino three-piece robot puzzle

P’kolino’s three-piece robot puzzle teaches the child about shapes like triangle, circle and rectangle.

Learning Letters Mailbox

Learning Letters Mailbox

It is a friendly looking musical mailbox for the baby who will love the music.

Pull-Along Caterpillar

Pull-Along Caterpillar

The baby will love to pull around this toy when he is learning to walk. Beautifully designed and fun for the baby.

Stack, Roll, and Crawl Ball

Stack, Roll, and Crawl Ball

This toy by Lamaze is best for child who loves to move around. Good for new walkers.

Baby Einstein’s around the World Play Gym

Baby Einstein around the World Play Gym

This play gym is fun and educational for the baby. It is divided into five sections and each section introduces a different region to the baby. There are other toys on the mat with a light globe that plays music.

Learn to Dress Monkey

Learn to Dress Monkey

Learn to Dress Monkey by Alex Toys teaches the child dressing and undressing. The toy is soft which makes it safe for the baby to play with.

Shake N’ Stack Instruments

Shake N' Stack Instruments

The baby will learn to discover things with this toy. Hidden are the tambourine and maraca which the baby can find by unstacking the rings.

Stack N Smile Photo Blocks

Stack N Smile Photo Blocks

These blocks are a great way for your baby to recognize faces. Take snapshots of family members and use them on the cubes.