What You Can Give At Baby Shower


If you are going to a baby shower then the best choice would be to go with a gift basket. The welcoming mother will love the present no matter if she is celebrating for her first or third child. You can give a small basket with few things inside or a big one with luxury items. When you give a gift basket, there are plenty of things you can choose to put in the basket.

Bath Items

You can put a collection of bath related items in the basket. Most parents have already bought only basic toiletries and soap, but you can add a number of luxury items in the basket to make the receiver feel special like lotion and shampoo. Also, you can add a set of bath towels or a squeaky toy.

Gift for Future

Babies grow very quickly. What they can use today will become useless for them tomorrow. So, you should not only focus on the current size and interest of the baby, you can purchase anything that he or she can use in the future. Add a learning dinner set to the basket which will teach the child how to eat.

Clothes and Soft Toys

Clothes are always good choice for a gift. Give the child a set of clothes which can also include blankets and pajamas, just make sure they are comfortable for the child. Also, soft toys are a good choice. Young children will love them when they grow a little. Or you can add them both in the gift basket.


When the newborn will grow a little older, his best buddies will be toys. So gifting a basket with only toys is a good choice as well. Add all kinds of toys suitable for the children. You can also add toys that the child will love in future like a teddy bear or chewing toys. Educational toys are a good choice too.

Don’t Forget the Mother

While it is must that you put something for the baby in the basket, don’t forget about the mother. You can put something for her as well. Buy her something for her skin or some snacks to enjoy. Also according with the theme of your basket, you can add something for the mother as well, like a pillow for a bedtime themed gift basket. Here are some excellent baby shower gifts for mom you must check out to show your appreciation:

There are countless ideas for a gift basket. Just put some love in it and it will be the best gift. You can make your own basket with all the gifts or you can purchase a premade from a gift store.

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